Mythology Compared with History: Or, The Fables of the Ancients Elucidated from Historical Records. For the Use of Young Persons. To which is Now First Added, an Enquiry Into the Religion of the First Inhabitants of Great Britain. Together with Some Account of the Ancient Druids ...

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T. Cadell, Jun. and W. Davies, 1797 - 516 pagini

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Pagina 326 - Greek legend, a monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon.
Pagina 432 - PARIS came into Greece, and repaired to the court of MENELAUS, where the beauty of HELEN attracted every eye. To the advantages of person, the Trojan prince united the desire of pleasing, and HELEN abandoned all to follow him.
Pagina 487 - ... as the principal deity of the Britons.* His office was to preside over transmigration, for, when the souls of the brave and virtuous left the bodies which they animated, they were supposed to be conducted by him to the aetherial regions, there to inhabit new bodies, immortal in their kind ; whilst the wicked, the cowardly, and the cruel were excluded the abode of heroes, and condemned to wander, the sport of every wind. It was thought, also, that a hero would not be admitted into the palace of...
Pagina 456 - Dodona related that two black doves took their flight from the city of Thebes, in Egypt, one of which flew to Libya, the other to Dodona...
Pagina 479 - The fables of the ancients elucidated 'from historical records. For the use of young persons. To which is now first added, an enquiry into the religion of the first inhabitants of Great Britain. Together with some account of the ancient Druids.
Pagina 156 - God, to do the same in Palestine. The god Pan gave Bacchus a dog to accompany him in his travels; Caleb, which, in Hebrew, signifies a dog, was the name of the faithful companion of Moses. Bacchus, by striking the earth with his thyrsus, produced rivers of wine. Moses, by striking the rock with his miraculous rod, caused water to gush out to satisfy the raging thirst of the Israelites.
Pagina 487 - ... stones. It was the received opinion, that the moment a warrior ceased to exist, the arms in his house were covered with blood, and that his spectre went to visit the place of his birth, and also that it appeared to his dogs, which, at the sight of it, made a dismal howling. It was likewise supposed that the brave and virtuous were received with joy into the aerial palaces of their fathers, and that there were different mansions in the palaces of the clouds, the principal of which were assigned...
Pagina 1 - God were dreaded by Pharaoh, king of Egypt: but in the time of Moses, those nations were perverted*.
Pagina 46 - Ovid ftiled the celeftial populace, they were called the inferior gods of nations; they had no place in heaven, nor were they admitted to the council of Jupiter; Pan, Pomona, Flora, and the other rural deities were of this clafs.
Pagina 487 - The druids, bards, and the people whom they inftructed, regarded all nature as the temple of the divinity. That they had notions of a Supreme Being cannot be doubted, fincc they believed in the immortality of the foul, and in the rewards and punifhments of a future life.

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