Mythology Greek and Roman, tr. by mrs. A.W. Hall


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436 ページ - Forbid to cross the irremeable flood. Now give thy hand; for to the farther shore When once we pass, the soul returns no more: When once the last funereal flames ascend, No more shall meet Achilles and his friend; No more our thoughts to those we loved make known; Or quit the dearest, to converse alone.
33 ページ - And would not make her master's compliment; But, persecuted, to the powers she flies, And close between the legs of Jove she lies. He with a gracious ear the suppliant heard. And saved her life; then what he was, declared, And owned the god. "The neighborhood...
33 ページ - Speak thy desire, thou only just of men; And thou, o woman, only worthy found To be with such a man in marriage bound.
212 ページ - My breast is warm'd with such unusual fire, I wish him absent whom I most desire. And now I faint with grief; my fate draws nigh ; In all the pride of blooming youth I die. Death will the sorrows of my heart relieve. 0 might the visionary youth survive, 1 should with joy my latest breath resign ! But oh ! I see his fate involv'd in mine.
430 ページ - I'll restore : Now plight thy mutual oath, I ask no more." " Talk not of oaths (the dreadful chief replies. While anger flash'd from his disdainful eyes), Detested as thou art, and ought to be, Nor...
432 ページ - By thy own soul ! by those who gave thee breath ! By all the sacred prevalence of prayer ; Ah, leave me not for Grecian dogs to tear ! The common rites of sepulture bestow, To soothe a father's and a mother's woe; 430 Let their large gifts procure an urn at least, And Hector's ashes in his country rest.
226 ページ - O sacred rest, Sweet pleasing sleep, of all the Pow'rs the best ! O peace of mind, repairer of decay, Whose balms renew the limbs to labours of the day, Care shuns thy soft approach, and sullen flies away!
428 ページ - By these they pass'd, one chasing, one in flight: (The mighty fled, pursued by stronger might.) Swift was the course; no vulgar prize they play, No vulgar victim must reward the day, (Such as in races crown the speedy strife,) The prize contended was great Hector's life.
446 ページ - Then gave his hand at parting, to prevent The old man's fears, and turn'd within the tent; Where fair Briseis, bright in blooming charms, Expects her hero with desiring arms. But in the porch the king and herald rest; Sad dreams of care yet wandering in their breast. Now gods and men the gifts of sleep partake; Industrious Hermes only was awake, The king's return revolving in his mind, To pass the ramparts, and the watch to blind. The power descending hover'd o'er his head: 'And sleep's!
119 ページ - The Pleiads, Hyads, with the northern team; And great Orion's more refulgent beam; To which, around the axle of the sky, The Bear, revolving, points his golden eye, Still shines exalted on th' ethereal plain, Nor bathes his blazing forehead in the main.