NASA Technical Report, Issues 465-467

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1976 - Aerodynamics

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Page 43 - No. 12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address 13. Type of Report and Period Covered 15.
Page 230 - RN Schwartz, ZI Slawsky, and KF Herzfeld, J. Chem. Phys. 20, 1591 (1952).
Page 28 - George C. Marshall Space Flight Center National Aeronautics and Space Administration Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama 35812 Director, Technology Utilization Office: Aubrey D.
Page 233 - DR Yarkony, SV O'Neil, HF Schaefer, III, CP Baskin, and CF Bender, J. Chem. Phys. 60, 855 (1974).
Page 233 - Molecular Physics of Equilibrium Gases - A Handbook for Engineers, NASA SP-3096 (1976).
Page 181 - Based on these general features, one can classify the mechanisms of vibrational energy transfer between a diatomic molecule and a structureless particle into three distinct types: vibration-translation (VT) , vibration-rotation-translation . (VRT) , and vibration-rotation (VR) . The molecules belonging to each type are easily identified, first and foremost by their ratio of fundamental vibrational and rotational frequencies, u) /B , and, second, by the proximity of their initial rotational state...
Page i - High and low threshold P-channel metal oxide semiconductor process and description of microelectronics facility (NASA-TR-R-465] 18 p2323 N76-27480 HOI.
Page 34 - ... data from the encounters with Jupiter, interplanetary results, and results from Pioneer 1 1 's encounter with Saturn are included. Because the bibliography associated with this mission has now become extremely large and continues to grow, it is published separately as NASA Technical Memorandum 81233, available from NASA Scientific and Technical Information Facility, PO Box 8757, Baltimore/Washington International Airport, Md. 21240. In the preparation of this book, the authors gratefully acknowledge...

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