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Page 1 - NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, Va. 23665 11. Contract or Grant No 13. Type of Report and Period Covered 12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address...
Page 23 - No. 12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address 13. Type of Report and Period Covered 15.
Page 78 - SI and US Customary Units. The measurements and calculations were made in US Customary Units.
Page 39 - No. 12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address National Aeronautics and Space Administration Washington, DC 20546 and US Army Air Mobility R&D Laboratory Moffett Field, CA 94035 13.
Page 13 - Gillis, Clarence L., Polhamus, Edward C., and Gray, Joseph L., Jr.: Charts for Determining Jet -Boundary Corrections for Complete Models in 7- by 10-Foot Closed Rectangular Wind Tunnels.
Page 15 - An Investigation of the Plastic Fracture of AISI 4340 and 18 Nickel-200 Grade Maraging Steels," Metallurgical Transactions A, Vol.
Page 1 - For sale by the National Technical Information Service. Springfield, Virginia 22161 1 Report No. 2. Government Accession No. 3. Recipient's Catalog No. NASA CR-2885 4. Title and Subtitle 5. Report Date "Computers for Real Time Market Survey" Flight Simulation: A July 1977 6.
Page 10 - Friction and Wear Characteristics of Polyimide and Filled Polyimide Compositions in Vacuum (10~] mm Hg).
Page 3 - An investigation of anomalies observed in wind-tunnel tests of a blunt body at transonic and supersonic speeds was conducted at Mach numbers from 0.20 to 2.16.

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