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Page 1 - NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, Va. 23665 11. Contract or Grant No.
Page 4 - The evaluation was conducted during 3i manual straight-in approaches with and without initial localizer offsets. Flight-path tracking performance data and pilot subjective comments were examined with regard to the pilot's ability to capture and maintain localizer and glide slope by using both display formats. The results of the flight tests agree with earlier simulation results and show that the addition of a perspective runway image and relative track information to a base-line electronic display...
Page 3 - Steinmetz, George G. ; Morello, Samuel A.; Knox, Charles E. ; and Person, Lee H. , Jr.: A Piloted-Simulation Evaluation of Two Electronic Display Formats for Approach and Landing.
Page 4 - Values are given in both SI and US Customary Units. The measurements and calculations were made in US Customary Units.
Page 18 - Electronic and Optically Generated Aircraft Displays; A Study of Standardization Requirements , JANAIR Report 680505, May 1968 8. WT Singleton, "Display Design: Principles and Procedures," Ergonomics , 12 , 1969, 519-531 9.

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