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Page 2 - A microwave radiometer measures the thermal emission from the surface and at these wavelengths the intensity of the observed emission is essentially proportional to the product of the temperature and emissivity of the surface (Rayleigh-Jeans approximation). This product is commonly referred to as brightness temperature...
Page 14 - Wedeven LD, Evans D., and Cameron A., "Optical Analysis of Ball Bearing Starvation," JOURNAL OF LUBRICATION TECHNOLOGY, TRANS.
Page 4 - A fully flooded condition is said to exist when the inlet distance of the conjunc tion ceases to influence, in any significant way, the minimum film thickness.
Page 8 - A Method for Studying the Transient Blade-Flapping Behavior of Lifting Rotors at Extreme Operating Conditions.
Page 15 - This is particularly true when traction is considered, since the surfaces in relative motion are separated by a film of almost constant thickness that is well represented by the central value over much of the Hertzian contact zone. The procedure used in obtaining the central film thickness was the same as that used in obtaining the minimum film thickness.
Page 19 - Murrow, Harold N.; and Rhyne, Richard H.: The MAT Project - Atmospheric Turbulence Measurements With Emphasis on Long Wavelengths. Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Aerospace and Aeronautical Meteorology of the American Meteorological Society, Nov. 1974, pp. 313-316.
Page 4 - W over a range of one order of magnitude. Situations equivalent to using solid materials of bronze, steel, and silicon nitride and lubricants of paraffinic and naphthenic oils were considered in the investigation of the role of the dimensionless materials parameter G.

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