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Page 1 - The four combinations of flight- spoiler segments investigated were effective in reducing the induced rolling moment on the trailing wing model by as much as...
Page 1 - NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, Va. 23665 11. Contract or Grant No. 13. Type of Report and Period Covered 12.
Page 3 - INTRODUCTION The strong vortex wakes generated by large transport aircraft are a potential hazard to smaller aircraft. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is involved in a program of model tests, flight tests, and theoretical studies to determine the feasibility of reducing this hazard by aerodynamic means.
Page 28 - Urasek, Donald C. ; and Janetzke, David C. : Performance of Tandem -Bladed Transonic Compressor Rotor with Tip Speed of 1375 Feet Per Second.
Page 29 - Mallan, GM ; and Finney, CS: New Techniques in the Pyrolysis of Solid Wastes.

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