Neumann & Muller Imperial German Military Catalogues: A Resource for Collectors and Historians

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This book is a trip down the road to financial success. Along the way you will learn about goals and the reason it is important to have financial goals. You will further your journey into the world of different investment products and how they work. As you read you will understand in this easy to follow book how inflation and income tax tries to slow your journey down. What can you do to try to limit the tax and beat inflation? This question will get answered after you read the book. You will learn all about insurance and the reasons you need it and the reasons you don't need it. There are some real life compelling stories that portray situations where people did not have their financial lives in order and they paid the price, big time. What are the different types of IRA's? What are some ways that we can prepare for our retirement? Which one is the best for your journey? Do you want to save for your children's college education? What can we put our money into to provide for college education? These are the questions that will get answered after you read "The Road to Financial Success".

In the last chapter you will get a complete understanding of how and why Will's and Trusts are important. You will see what the first Will in recorded history looked like. You will learn, with the use of certain trusts, how to protect your assets from con artists and unscrupulous people. Most importantly you will learn the best way to pass money on to the people you want and not the people you don't know and will never meet.

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Joe Robinson founded the Work to Live campaign, which is lobbying for a minimum of three weeks of vacation for all Americans. He has appeared in "Time," "Utne Reader," "The Los Angeles Times," "Financial Times," and "Chicago Tribune," as well as on "The Today Show," CNN, "NBC Nightly News," "CBS Sunday Morning," and National Public Radio to discuss the Work to Live campaign. Robinson is also the former publisher of "Escape" magazine.

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