NGO: THE EMPIRES OF THE SMILE: The astute masters of 'not for profit', told by someone who spent money and youth for them!

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Ulisse Di Bartolomei, 29 giu 2017 - 600 pagine
'Free churches' genesis of worship in the modern world. A miracle in the 'not for profit' sign: the inexhaustible treasure of non-governmental organizations. The victims of the guru are many! The disappearances (usually in suicide) of ‘heirs of a good family’ in search of answers for a better existence are emblematic. I came to the ‘number one’ or the one who was best able to monetize his sermons by pretending to be the ‘Jesus who returns’. In the 1970s, the South Korean Sun Myung Moon was listed on Amnesty International as a persecuted spiritual guide. In truth this has never happened in a persecutory key, but as a legitimate investigative interest of the South Korean authorities regarding the use of the proceeds of fundraising money to finance armigative and herbal companies (ginseng and derivatives) protecting them with the NGO statutes, which legalized their existence and the subsidy with alms of all kinds and definable without scruples for the fraudulent creativity in which where denoted. Myung did not lose a single dollar or suffered a scratch as a result of such ‘persecutions’, which were his artificial semblance to facilitate philanthropic donations, betraying the trust of the people, convinced of donating for African children. This self-styled messiah and coven founded a 'unifying church' on May 1, 1954 a few weeks after Scientology was founded on February 18, 1954, by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. Both built ‘liquid’ finances and assets estimated in billions of dollars, while claiming to help the needy without specifying that their 'poor' were mostly wealthy in pursuit of the 'inner well-being', which they claimed to be able to guarantee.

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 Ulisse Di Bartolomei. Behavioural psychology and spiritualism. 

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