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Page 89 - It is moved and seconded that the report of the committee be accepted, and, I presume, spread upon the minutes. All those in favor will signify by saying aye.
Page 249 - It is a true glory of the Russian Church, and an example to the hierarchy of all churches, that its one martyred prelate should have suffered, not for any high ecclesiastical pretensions, but in the simple cause of justice and mercy. ' Silence,' he said, as he rebuked the...
Page 302 - fifthly, eight titled noblemen elected in the eight provinces of Prussia by the resident landowners of all degrees ; sixthly, the representatives of the universities, the heads of ' chapters,' and the burgomasters of towns with above fifty thousand inhabitants ; and, seventhly, an unlimited number of members nominated by the king for life, or for a more or less restricted period.
Page 253 - The cruel tyrant was so delighted with the curious edifice, that he ordered the eyes of the architect to be put out, so that he could not see to build another to equal or surpass it.
Page 302 - An upper chamber (herrenliaw, or "house of lords"), which is now composed of the princes of the royal family who are of age, the chiefs of the mediatized princely houses, recognized by the congress of Vienna, and numbering 16 in Prussia, the heads of the territorial nobility (about 50), life peers chosen by the king from the class of rich land-owners, manufacturers, and
Page 223 - ... associated with the memory of the late occupant. " Uneasy rests the head that wears a crown;" and perhaps it is for this reason that I like to look upon the pillow of a king, far more on that of a queen. The bedchamber of Catharine II. is adorned with walls of porcelain and pillars of purple glass; the bedclothes are those under which she slept the last time she was at the palace, and in one place was a concealed door, by which, as the unmannerly footman, without any respect to her memory, told...
Page 149 - Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, Czar of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland...
Page 188 - ... now an easy part of his task; and in a few minutes more Telouchkine stood by the side of the angel, and listened to the shout that burst like sudden thunder from the concourse below, yet came to his ear only like a faint and hollow murmur. The cord, which he had...
Page 60 - It has the Gulf of Bothnia on the west, and the Gulf of Finland on the south, with Finmark, a province of Norway, on the north, and Russia proper on the east"
Page 220 - ... the monasteries in Russia, a Lavra or metropolitan seat, and only inferior to the Lavra of Moscow. It occupies a large space at the end of the main street of St. Petersburg, the Nevski Prospekt, and contains within its enclosure, churches and chapels and towers and gardens and cells for the monks. It was founded by Peter the Great in honor of the Grand Duke Alexander.

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