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Xlibris US, Nov 13, 2010 - Fiction - 500 pages
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The beginning of a trilogy, the second book is Fire and Ice. It took him a moment for his eyes come into focus, as he looked up he saw the most beautiful creature sitting beside him. She leaned over him shadowing out the sun so he could get a better look at her, and there before him was this girl that had golden blond hair, the most captivating violet eyes, and the most striking features, it was as if she was glowing.

Follow one young boy's escapades as heartbreaking events suddenly embark him on a journey into the world of magic.

In the midst of the tragedy, Frances' estranged grandmother mysteriously shows up and takes him to her private island. Never did he imagine that he was in for the surprise of his life as he began to witness things that he never imagined existed, encounter events he never knew would take place, and meet the angel-like mermaid beauty, NaLee.-

What exciting adventures will follow?

Enter a world of mystery, mayhem, piracy, surprise, and a private island full of secrets in author Erin Sankey's NaLee.


Sankey's debut leads young-adult readers into a world of tropical romance and undersea drama.. Knows what the reader wants

First book in a new trilogy Sankey is clearly full of imaginative ideas

Blue Ink
Wildly imaginative, contemporary fantasy for young adults. Has an insatiable Joie de vivre

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Beginning with an accident that takes his parents' lives, Frances is at a loss of what will become of him. The funeral brings well-wishers and sympathetic eyes, but no answers. Frances has no idea what to do; his choice of homes are between a hypochondriac uncle, a musician cousin who is riddled with debt and a sister who has just begun a brand new life and, even though she’s loving, has far too many things on her plate. All of a sudden a limo pulls up in front of the house and an estranged grandmother steps out as elegant as the Queen and, in what seems like seconds, Frances’ life is completely and utterly changed.
Going to live with this slightly odd relative, Frances is whisked away to an island in the Atlantic located off the coast of Florida called Caytone Island. There, Frances is thrust into a life that includes everything from a butler riding around in a golf cart, a private jet, a private tutor, and even a pair of Macaws that patrol the property. Frances’ newfound relative is a very nice woman (and a character who is beyond memorable); even though she’s a bit pampered, she’s extremely funny and their egos seem to mesh well.
One day, as Frances is walking along the beach, he takes a spill, and when he wakes up he is staring into the most beautiful violet eyes he’s ever seen. Of course, the violet eyes are not the most unique trait when it comes to this stunning creature - it is the fact that the owner of them is an actual mermaid. Her name is NaLee, and from then on out, Frances begins the adventure of a lifetime.
With each new chapter, this author has the wonderful ability to introduce characters who cover a wide range of emotions. A man of the law who can literally jump off the page and scare you to scenes of dolphins' buried treasure, tales of pirates and ghosts…this one has it all. What readers will like most is watching Frances develop. Being a simple boy from Chicago who has gone through tragedy and who is desperately trying to overcome and find his own ‘path’ in life is hard enough, but to then watch him enter a world that is sparked by sheer serenity and magic almost makes it feel as if the reader is back with Mr. Potter and following yet another unforgettable tale of growing up in a world you won’t soon forget.
The only tough part comes from the formatting of the book. Unfortunately, this read does need an editor to clean up the dialogue and separate the characters from one another. For example, in one paragraph you will find an entire conversation between characters with no paragraph breaks which makes it hard, at times, to follow. However, the beauty of the land and the heartwarming story is very intriguing. In addition, we are looking at only Book I of the NaLee trilogy, so it will be fun to see how it all moves forward.
Quill Says: A very good YA story that simply needs a bit of polish.
(Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Feathered Quill Book Reviews)

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This is not a children's book this is a pre-teen and up book the beginning of a trilogy NaLee is fill with mystery mayhem twists turns a private island full of secrets and a sheriff to make your blood go cold. Check it out at
Fire and Ice is the second book in the series also available at

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About the author (2010)

My name is Erin Sankey I have already written NaLee the first book of the series, and I am hoping that you enjoy Fire and Ice as it brings you through daring fun and sinister twist and turns. I started writing these books because I felt that mermaids needed a makeover. I grew up in Chicago, and I have always enjoyed the scenery of Lake Michigan, I always wondered if there were mermaids of the lake. I am a massage therapist by trade, and I am a mother, I love being with my family, and I am an animal lover as well. Hope you enjoy.

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