Naked Spheres of Ink

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Trafford Publishing, Apr 18, 2004 - Poetry
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There are instructions and guidelines for most things. How is it then, that we have so many misguided people? I have come to the conclusion most people are the same as other people. However, those other than the majority are as different as the sun and the moon, the earth and space. And yet, each of us desire to be unique; to be recognized as individuals, apart from the crowd. Nevertheless, most of us will not be remembered by future generations. A few of us work hard at putting our uniqueness to word through poetry. This book is my meager attempt at sharing part of my observations and fantasies into verse in my own poetic way. I have tried to include in this book a mix of forms and styles. Some forms are formal, most are not. I have included a few sing-song street rhymes some sophisticated, most not. You may discover a few Rap poems and others which are experimental. It is kind of like throwing Spheres of Ink onto a collection of pages and to be hopeful that they adhere enough and are created skillfully enough that some of them will be remembered by association of my name. After I am dead and my ashes scattered, I hope some of this poetry will survive me, perhaps this very copy you are reading now. And that somewhere down the line of time others will discover poetry they like from this small collection. The most wasted of all days is one without poetry. If you discover my spheres of ink have landed where they shouldn't, or that your poetic taste differs, I do apologize in advance for wasting your valuable time. In that case, remember that some poetry is not to be tossed aside lightly... it should be launched into outer space. This book is dedicated to honest opinion. This book does not demonstrate genius, not even close, mediocre at best...that is my honest appraisal of the poetry in this book. However, my ego can always use stroking. Therefore, if you like the verses here, please tell someone. Encourage them to purchase a copy for themselves, or to give one, or more as gifts.

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