Napoleon in exile: or, A voice from St. Helena. The opinions and reflections of Napoleon on the most important events of his life and government, in his own words, Volume 2

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Page 49 - In fact," continued he laughing, " I was nobody in comparison with them. They continually tormented me about matters belonging to tailors, of which I was entirely ignorant, although, in order not to affront them, I answered just as gravely as if the fate of an army depended upon the cut of a jacket. When I went to see the King of Prussia, instead of a library, I found...
Page 513 - Angleterre, ou que vous retourniez dans la patrie, perdez le souvenir des maux qu'on vous a fait souffrir. Vantez-vous de la fidélité que vous m'avez montrée, et de toute l'affection que je vous porte. Si vous voyez un jour ma femme et mon fils, embrassez-les ; depuis deux ans je n'en ai aucune nouvelle ni directe, ni indirecte.
Page 69 - ... this object. I would not consent, foreseeing that the equilibrium of Europe would be destroyed. In the natural course of things, in a few years Turkey must fall to Russia. The greatest part of her population are Greeks, who you inay say are Russians.
Page 79 - Sardinia, and every other power, obtained an increase of territory, why not England, who was the main organ of all the success? Instead of establishing a number of independent maritime states, such as Hamburgh, Stralsund, Dantzic, Genoa, to serve as entrepots for your manufactures, with conditions, either secret or otherwise, favourable to your commerce, you have basely given up Genoa to the king of Sardinia, and united Belgium to Holland. You have rendered yourselves hated by the Italians and Belgians,...
Page 67 - I was accosted by Madame de Stael in a large company, although at that time I avoided going out much in public. She followed me every where, and stuck so close that I could not shake her off. At last she asked me, ' who at this moment is la premiere femme du monde?
Page 483 - Bellerophon orders to receive me and my followers, only wished to lay a snare, it has forfeited its honour and disgraced its flag. " If this act be consummated it will be in vain for the English henceforth to talk of their sincerity, their laws, and liberties.
Page 102 - Hudson Lowe, calling him barbarous and atrocious. ' That countenance,' he exclaimed, gazing at the marble image of his son, ' would melt the heart of the most ferocious wild beast. The man who gave orders to break that image would plunge a knife into the heart of the original if it were in his power.
Page 482 - Bonaparte has placed himself without the pale of civil and social relations, and that as an enemy and disturber of the tranquillity of the world, he has rendered himself liable to public vengeance.
Page 54 - must either fall or aggrandize herself, and it is natural to suppose that the latter will take place. By invading other countries, Russia has three points to gain, — an increase of civilization and polish, by rubbing against other powers,* the acquisition of money, and the rendering friends to herself the inhabitants of the deserts, with whom some years back she was at war.
Page 100 - I principally owe my subsequent elevation. My opinion is, that the future good or bad conduct of a child entirely depends upon the mother.

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