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AuthorHouse, 2005 - Fiction - 240 pages
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Through the travels and the discerning eye of the author, you are about to witness two incredible journeys across the United States and beyond. The first is an exquisite foray into the lush wilderness and the undersea worlds of this great planet. See flowers, wildlife, and our material selves in vivid high-resolution photography. The second journey is a delicious verbal adventure into the messages and inspirations that can be found in every flower, every animal, and every circumstance of our daily lives. Absorb messages filled with powerful advice, unique observations, and just plain common sense.

So, does a picture have to be worth a thousand words? No - not if it's described in the Japanese form of poetry known as haiku, an art form in which a vision or thought is completely expressed in seventeen syllables. This ancient style of poetry is the epitome of verbal efficiency due to its brevity, subtlety and diversity. You will find more thought and inspiration in these seventeen syllables than in any thousand-word description anywhere.

As a result, here we have a wonderful marriage of photography and poetry two incredible journeys to take you to the far corners of the western hemisphere, as well as to the far reaches of inspiration. Be prepared to use and enjoy the beauty of high quality photography with its accompanying inspirational messages for many of the ups and downs of our everyday lives.

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