Narrative Comprehension and Film

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Routledge, Jun 17, 2013 - Social Science - 344 pages
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Narrative is one of the ways we organise and understnad the world. It is found everywhere: not only in films and books, but also in everday conversations and in the nonfictional discourses of journalists, historians, educators, psychologists, attorneys and many others.
Edward Branigan presents a telling exploration of the basic concepts of narrative theory and its relation to film - and literary - analysis, bringing together theories from linguistics and cognitive science, and applying them to the screen. Individual analyses of classical narratives form the basis of a complex study of every aspect of filmic fiction exploring, for example, subjectivity in Lady in the Lake, multiplicity in Letter from and Unknown Woman, post-modernism and documentary in Sans Soleil.

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List of figures
Narrative schema
The Girl and Her Trust
Story time
Dr Mabuse the Gambler shot
The 39 Stepsshot
The 39 Steps shot2 10 Graphic match 11 Spatial match
Hangover Square shot 1A 32 Hangover Square shot 1B 33 Hangover Squareshot 1C 34 Hangover Squareshot 1D 35 Hangover Square shot 1E 36 H...
Hangover Squareshot
Hangover Squareshot
Subjectivity innarrative theories How manycameras are ina film? 6 OBJECTIVITY AND UNCERTAINTY
Hangover Squareshot 4 44 Hangover Squareshot 5A 45 Hangover Square shot 5B 46 Hangover Square shot 6 478 Citizen Kane 49 Letter fromanUn...

Open match 13 Integrated match 14 Disparities ofknowledge 15 Nick Fury panels 14
Nick Fury panels 912
Eight levelsof narration 20 An implicitcircle 21 The WrongManshot
Hierarchies ofknowledge Nick Furyasanexample Forgetting andrevising 4 LEVELS OFNARRATION Eight levels
Letter fromanUnknown Woman shot
Letter from anUnknown Woman shot
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