National Center for Statistical Analysis of Highway Operations: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Transportation of the Committee on Public Works, United States Senate, Ninety-fourth Congress, Second Session, on S. 2606 ... July 20, 1976

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Page 10 - of a highway safety program * * * shall not be construed to require the Secretary (of Transportation) to require compliance with every uniform standard, or with every element of every uniform standard, in every State.
Page 9 - a uniform, comprehensive motor vehicle traffic accident investigation program for gathering information, standardizing definitions, classifications, and a format for data input into statewide traffic records systems.
Page 27 - system would be a central facility which would process the data and make it available to both NHTSA and industry. On June 12, 1970, at a Data Accident Investigation workshop* in
Page 27 - quantity of data gathered, a random sample is essential to insure its quality. Basically, random data is needed so that conclusions
Page 12 - Mr. SNOW. We share that concern. Of course, in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration we have authority also over motor vehicle safety standards, damageability standards, highway safety program standards, and so on. We are alert to the need to enhance those standards in response to problems such as the one you are pointing out.
Page 8 - toward making people realize that driving over that speed limit is dangerous. As we all know, we don't have enough police officers in the country to enforce all of the laws that we have on the books. We really depend upon the honesty and dedication of most of our citizens to adnere to those laws.
Page 27 - three uses of the field accident dala discussed above are specifically aimed at changing the design of the vehicle to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries. A different
Page 14 - standards and Federal motor vehicle safety standards and any amendments needed to refine those standards. Such data, moreover, is crucial to the development of a strong administrative record that will enable our standards to withstand judicial scrutiny. For this reason, our rulemaking activity is one of the critical determinants of our data needs.
Page 27 - on the organizational approach whereby such data would be obtained. Furthermore, General Motors has reviewed the DOT feasibility study and finds it to be a generally satisfactory approach to a most complex matter. We are particularly gratified to note that both the legislation and the DOT study view the National Center as a
Page 11 - causal relationship with traffic accidents, and identify the common areas of failure, thereby suggesting the appropriate countermeasures. Effective data collection and analysis will also aid in establishing the priority areas in need of immediate attention, as well as permit highway safety to be dealt with as a whole rather than in isolated parts.

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