National Neuropsychiatric Institute Act. Hearing ... on H.R. 2550 ... Sept. 18-21, 1945

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Page 5 - State for projects under or parts of the plan affected by such failure) until he is satisfied that there will no longer be any such failure. Until he is so satisfied, the...
Page 4 - Secretary, but not exceeding $50 per diem, including travel time, and while away from their homes or regular places of business they may be allowed travel expenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, as authorized by law (5 USC 73b-2) for persons in the Government service employed intermittently.
Page 4 - ... secure from time to time, and for such periods as he deems advisable, the assistance and advice of persons from the United States or abroad who are experts in the field of heart diseases...
Page 115 - There is, of course, a sphere within which the individual may assert the supremacy of his own will, and rightfully dispute the authority of any human government, — especially of any free government existing under a written constitution, to interfere with the exercise of that will.
Page 5 - Upon receipt of such certification, the Secretary of the Treasury shall, prior to audit or settlement by the General Accounting Office, pay in accordance with such certification. (d) The moneys so paid to any State shall be...
Page 5 - For the purpose of this section the proportion between the deduction and the net income in each trade or business shall be determined by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue in accordance with regulations prescribed by him, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury. In the case of a corporation or partnership which has fixed its own fiscal year, the proportion determined for the calendar year ending during such fiscal year shall be used.
Page 5 - Act, any such projects which it believes show promise of making valuable contributions to human knowledge with respect to the cause, prevention, or methods of diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders...
Page 6 - The amount authorized to be appropriated in this subsection shall include the cost of preparation of drawings and specifications, supervision of construction, and other administrative expenses incident to the work: Provided, That the Federal Works Agency shall prepare the plans and specifications, make all necessary contracts, and supervise construction.
Page 116 - To amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for research relating to psychiatric disorders and to aid in the development of more effective methods of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of such disorders, and for other purposes.
Page 4 - Service to appropriate public authorities, and to health officials and scientists engaged in special study; (c) Establish and maintain research fellowships in the Service with such stipends and allowances, including traveling and subsistence expenses, as he may deem necessary to procure the assistance of the most brilliant and promising research fellows from -the United States and abroad...

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