National eutrophication survey: data acquisition and laboratory analysis systems for lake samples, Volume 1

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Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, Environmental Monitoring and Support Laboratory, 1975 - Nature - 21 pages
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Page ii - US Environmental Protection Agency, and approved for publication. Mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.
Page 12 - Dissolve 33 g of potassium sodium tartrate and 24 g of sodium citrate in 950 ml of distilled water. Adjust the pH of this solution to 5.0 with concentrated sulfuric acid. Dilute to one liter with distilled water.
Page 7 - Nl napthylethylenediamine hydrochloride to form an azo dye. The azo dye intensity which is proportional to the nitrate concentration is then measured. Separate...
Page 14 - Erlenmeyer flask, dissolve 83 g of phenol in 50 ml of distilled water. Cautiously add, while cooling under tap water, in small increments with agitation, 180 ml of 20% Na0H.
Page ii - Environmental Monitoring and Support Laboratory-Las Vegas (EMSL-LV). This Laboratory is one of three Environmental Monitoring and Support Laboratories of the 0ffice of Monitoring and Technical Support in the US Environmental Protection Agency's 0ffice of Research and Development.
Page 7 - The method for total alkalinity uses methyl orange as an indicator because its pH range is in the same range as the equivalence point for total alkalinity.
Page 9 - Dissolve 10 g of ammonium chloride in alkaline water and dilute to 1 liter.

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