National School Lunch Funds. Hearing Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, United States Senate, Eighty-seventh Congress, Second Session, on S. 2442, and H. R. 11665, Bills to Revise the Formula for Apportioning Cash Assistance Funds Among the States Under the National School Lunch Act, and for Other Purposes

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Page 2 - (2) 'State educational agency" means, as the State legislature may determine, (a) the chief State school officer (such as the State superintendent of public instruction, commissioner of education, or similar officer), or (b) a board of education controlling the State department of education.
Page 5 - throughout the State; and (5) the need of such schools for additional assistance as reflected by the financial position of the school lunch programs in such schools. "(c) In the case of any State which is not permitted by law to disburse funds paid to it under this section to nonprofit private schools, the Secretary shall
Page 10 - The Department recommends enactment of HR 11665, but, as discussed later in this statement, we are recommending certain changes in section 6 of this bill. This section authorizes special assistance to schools drawing attendance from areas in which poor economic conditions exist. This
Page 2 - (3) 'Nonprofit private school' means any private school exempt from income tax under section 101(6) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended. "(4) 'Nonfood assistance' means equipment used by schools in storing, preparing, or serving food for schoolchildren.
Page 22 - as may be necessary for each succeeding fiscal year to provide special assistance to schools drawing attendance from areas in which poor economic conditions exist, for the purpose of helping such schools to meet the requirement of section 9 of this
Page 4 - shall be determined by the State educational agency on the basis of the following factors: (1) The economic condition of the area from which such schools draw attendance; (2) the needs of pupils in such schools for free or reduced price lunches; (3) the percentages of free and reduced price lunches being served in such schools to their
Page 22 - the total of such funds as the number of free or reduced-price lunches served in accordance with section 9 of this Act in such State in the preceding fiscal year bears to the total number of such free or reduced-price lunches served in all such
Page 3 - If any State cannot utilize all funds so apportioned to it, or if additional funds are made available under section 3 for apportionment among the States, the Secretary shall make further apportionments to the remaining States in the same manner. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this section, (1) for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1962,
Page 3 - funds as the number of lunches, consisting of a combination of foods and meeting the minimum requirements prescribed by the Secretary pursuant to section 9, served in the preceding fiscal year by all nonprofit private schools participating in the program under this Act
Page 22 - amount shall be first deducted from the total amount available for apportionment under this subsection. If any such State cannot utilize for the purposes of this section all of the funds apportioned to it, the Secretary shall make further apportionment on the same basis as the initial apportionment to any such States which justify the need for additional funds for such

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