National Tales, Volume 1

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George Houston
W. B. Gilley, 1825 - Fiction
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Page 4 - IDE, of the said District, hath deposited in this office, the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as proprietor, in the words following, to wit : " Inductive Grammar, designed for beginners. By an Instructer." In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States...
Page 93 - Hesperian planet hail, And the lone cuckoo sighs along the vale, His path shall be where streamy mountains swell Their shadowy grandeur o'er the narrow dell, Where mouldering piles and forests intervene, Mingling with darker tints the living green ; No circling hills his ravish'd eye to bound, Heaven, Earth, and Ocean, blazing all around.
Page 257 - The little man then said some queer kind of words, out of which Billy could make no meaning ; but he contrived to say them after him for all that ; and in they both went through the key-hole of the door, and through one key-hole after another, until they got into the wine-cellar, which was well stored with all kinds of wine. The little man fell to drinking as hard as he could, and Billy, nowise disliking the example, did the same. " The best of masters are you, surely...
Page 259 - Well, away they went, Billy leading the third horse, and never stopped until they came to a snug farmer's house in the county of Limerick, close under the old castle of Carrigogunniel, that was built, they say, by the great Brian Boru.
Page 256 - but go over to that bit of bog, and bring me two of the strongest rushes you can find.
Page 256 - ... picked out two of the stoutest rushes he could find, with a little bunch of brown blossom stuck at the side of each, and brought them back to his master. "Get up Billy," said the little man, taking one of the rushes from him, and striding across it.
Page 260 - ... new ribbons in their caps, and her three brothers all looking as clean and as clever as any three boys in Munster, and there were uncles and aunts, and gossips and cousins enough besides to make a full house of it ; and plenty was there to eat and drink on the table for every one of them, if they had been double the number. Now it happened, just as Mrs. Rooney had helped his reverence to the first cut of the pig's...
Page 262 - Whether this exclamation resulted from his soliloquy, or from the mere force of habit, he never could tell exactly himself; but no sooner was it uttered, than the little man, his face glowing with rage and disappointment, sprung from the beam on which he had perched himself, and shrieking out in the shrill voice of a cracked bagpipe, " I discharge you my service, Billy Mac Daniel — take that for your wages...
Page 260 - I did not bring you here with me to ask questions;" and, without holding further argument, he began saying the queer words which had the power of passing him through the keyhole as free as air, and which Billy thought himself mighty clever to be able to say after him. In they both went; and, for the better viewing the company, the little man perched himself up, as nimbly as a cock-sparrow, upon one of the big beams which went across the house over all their heads, and Billy did the same upon another...
Page 257 - ... awkward, with his face to the horse's tail; and so quickly had his steed started off with him, that he had no power to turn round; and there was therefore nothing for it but to hold on by the tail. At last they came to their journey's end, and stopped at the gate of a fine house.

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