Native Soil

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iUniverse, Apr 24, 2006 - Fiction
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Two of the largest and most populous, and anti-American, countries - China and the Russian Republic - have joined forces militarily in an attempt at world domination. They have swept over Southwest Asia and the Middle East, forcing a buildup of hundreds of thousands of U.S. and Allied troops in the region. As the world would find out, that was not the only place to be invaded.

A small group of childhood friends, saying farewell and congratulations, are suddenly thrown into the midst of a war the country could not predict. Trapped and unable to flee to safety, they are ultimately forced to hide out deep in the forests of the Adirondack Mountains. There they must fight their enemies, both invading forces and other Americans, in order to survive. Their goal is simple, yet nearly impossible; make it out alive and escape the first war since the Civil War to be fought on native soil.

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A response from the author: While I appreciate someone who I believe may be a NY Times book critic (or trying to be) taking time to read and critique my first attempt at publishing a novel, if you are looking for the next "War and Peace", keep looking. My friend, you are in the sad minority of those who have taken time to read it. A war story needs to be told from the front line? Really? Is that written somewhere? This is a story of survival, of friendships, of life. Not of a front-line war.
I'm not sure which version of Red Dawn you are referring to, but if you consider either of them to be good, then you have my sympathies. The new one was released in 2012 and my publish date is 2006. Never see the new one. Hmmm. The original is 1984. My original manuscript was completed and I started trying to publish it in 1982. If anything, I could assume RD plagiarized me.
This was not written to be a best seller, it was written so that I could some day see it in print, and I was successful. Have you published a novel? If so, I'd love to read it and provide feedback. If not...well, I'll keep this civil and recommend you not read the other 3 I currently have published.

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Although the idea itself seems interesting, there was too much against its favor. It felt like a first draft that was rushed in order to see it published. It could have spent a lot of time exploring the ideas and concepts (criticism is key).
It's self-absorbed without regard for the reader. I got bored in three pages, the back stories and details were excessive. The first-person voice unappealing. The description cliched and cumbersome, he stood there "ramrod straight?"
It was uninviting and bland--nay, it was bad.
It's the authors pov, but the cast and setting weakened the overall premise. In the mountains? The key players of the war should be in the forefront.
I think the author needs to be a student of fiction writing, the novel is written without an experts touch. The idea could have worked, but the novel (I think) will not lift from the ground. Wait a second, this sounds like it was bitten off of a better story/movie: Red Dawn! Very unoriginal and possibly borderline plagarism.

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