Nature, Volume 45

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Nature Publishing Group, 1892 - Science

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Page 173 - A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?
Page 77 - THE COLLIERY MANAGER'S HANDBOOK. A Comprehensive Treatise on the Laying-out and Working of Collieries, Designed as a Book of Reference for Colliery Managers, and for the Use of Coal-Mining Students preparing for First-class Certificates. By CALEB PAMELY, Mining Engineer and Surveyor ; Member of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers ; and Member of the South Wales Institute of Mining Engineers. With 700 Plans, Diagrams, and other Illustrations.
Page 183 - No change is made in the orthography of foreign names in countries which use Roman letters : thus Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, &c., names will be spelt as by the respective nations.
Page xxix - SON OF THE MARSHES, A." From Spring to Fall ; or, When Life Stirs. By
Page 298 - PRIZE," be awarded every two years to the author of the best Essay on some subject of Pure Mathematics, Astronomy, or other branch of Natural Philosophy. 2. That the...
Page 160 - FRS, Vice-president, in the chair. — The Secretary read a report on the additions that had been made to the Society's menagerie during the month of November 1892. — Dr. Hickson read a paper entitled "A Revision of the Genera of the Alcyoaaria Stolonifera, with a description of one new genus and several new species.
Page 299 - These seeds are not sold to the general public, but are available for exchange with colonial, Indian, and foreign botanic gardens, as well as with regular correspondents of Kew. No application, except from remote colonial possessions, can be entertained after the end of March.
Page 91 - ... provided for, which have for their object the advancement of human knowledge or the benefit of mankind in general, rather than to researches directed to the solution of questions of merely local importance.
Page 223 - Yet in each soul is born the pleasure Of yearning onward, upward and away. When o'er our heads, lost in the vaulted azure. The lark sends down his flickering lay, When over crags and piny highlands The poising eagle slowly soars, And over plains and lakes and islands The crane sails by to other shores.
Page 63 - ... foot-tons of energy which have hitherto escaped notice. To unlock this boundless store and subdue it to the service of man is a task which awaits the electrician of the future. The latest researches give well-founded hopes that this vast storehouse of power is not hopelessly inaccessible.

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