Nature, Volume 3

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Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1871 - Electronic journals

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Page 163 - the knowledge of causes and secret motions of things ; and the enlarging of the bounds of humane empire to the effecting of all things possible.
Page 127 - :—"If an animal were engaged in turning a piece of machinery, or in ascending a mountain, I apprehend that, in proportion to the muscular effort put forth for the purpose, a diminution of the heat evolved in the system by a given chemical action would be experienced.
Page 194 - they fill their bodies full of smoke, till that it commeth out of their mouth and nostrils, even as out of the Tonnell of a chimney. They say that this doth keepe them warme and in health, they neuer goe without some of it about them. We
Page 12 - as the first, the great difficulty consisting in seizing the proper moment of diving under it, which, if missed, the person is caught by the surf, and driven back again with great violence, and all his dexterity is then required to prevent himself from being dashed against the rocks. As soon as they have gained by
Page 30 - characteristic form or marking, no peculiarities of instinct or of habit, no relations between species or between groups of species—can exist, but which must now be or once have been useful to the individuals or the races which possess them.
Page 193 - and Chronology of Ancient and Modern Assyria, Palestine, Egypt, Arabia, and other Biblical Lands, the promotion of the study of the antiquities of those countries, and the preservation of a continuous record of discoveries now or hereafter to be in progress.
Page 12 - each a long, narrow board rounded at the ends, set out together from the shore. The first wave they meet they plunge under, and suffering it to roll over them rise again beyond it, and make the best of their way by swimming out
Page 194 - ponder of it, and then put it in one of the ends of the said Cornet or pipe, and laying a cole of fire upon it, at the other ende sucke so long,
Page 47 - continued Thridi, "they formed the Heavens, which they placed over the earth, and set a dwarf at the corner of each of the four quarters. These dwarfs are called East, West, North, and South. They afterwards took the wandering sparks and red hot flakes that had been cast
Page 34 - AM Hanover mean time, I was so fortunate as to see the sodium lines D, and D 2 , reversed in the spectrum of the umbra of a large spot near the eastern limb of the sun. At the same time the c and F lines were also reversed, but with the great dispersive power of my new

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