Nature's Comedian

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Longmans, Green, 1903 - 319 pages
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Page 146 - Oil lamps flickered freely in some of the better streets, but even these were not lit so long as any suggestion (Schimmer, Spur) of twilight served for an excuse to delay the illumination. When the moon shone they were not lit at all. (Ibid. I, 85.) She spoke without a suggestion (Spur) of bitterness, and a pang shot through her hearer's heart as it dawned upon him that perhaps, after all, she could resign him to her rival without any pang at her own. (Norris, Nature's Comedian 146 [T).) We possess...
Page 316 - Post that a marriage had been arranged and would shortly take place between Percival Alexander, eldest son of Gregory Hotchkiss, Esq., and Mrs.
Page 48 - It may be very clever to sail so near the wind; but I can't for the life of me see the use of it.
Page 8 - as clever a comedian' as him, but 'with a power of pathos to which even that most versatile of players has not the slightest pretension. Hence his reading is not only as good as a play, but far better than most plays, for it is all in the best style of acting': and an American newspaper noted that, compared with Dickens, Mathews fils was 'cold, stiff, and conventional'.3 1 Life, p.
Page 179 - Josephine's elbow, and that a somewhat animated conversation was taking place between the neighbors; but it is difficult to do more than one thing at a time, and he had to concentrate his attention upon the task immediately in hand.
Page 99 - I shall not be in the least surprised if you tell me that it is,'
Page 23 - ... she even went so far as to say that she would rather like to see him in his professional capacity.