Natuurkundig tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch IndiŽ, Volume 19

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Lange, 1859 - Science
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Page 387 - ... the chest covered with gray bloom, which also appears beneath the abdomen, but is more slight ; legs tawny ; hips green, covered with gray bloom ; fore hips mostly tawny ; feet darker than the shanks, especially towards the tips ; hind feet pitchy ; wings slightly gray ; wing-ribs and poisers tawny ; veins black. Length of the body 3 lines ; of the wings 6 lines. a. St. Martin's Falls, Albany River, Hudson's Bay. Presented by G. Barnston, Esq.
Page 388 - Tibise and tarsi dark tawny. Fore wings with two undulating transverse testaceous lines. Hind wings cinereous. Length of the body 3 lines ; of the wings 8 lines. 135.
Page 392 - ... one on the costa, opposite to the other which is on the interior border. Hind wings blackish-grey. Length of the body 2f lines ; of the wings 6 lines. 155.
Page 385 - Testacea, fronte maculis duabus posticis vittaque nigris, vertice thoraceque nigro guttatis, alis subcinereis, venis ferrugineis. Testaceous. Vertex with two black dots; front with two black spots towards the vertex, and with a black stripe which extends to the face. Thorax with a few black dots. Wings very slightly greyish, veins ferruginous.
Page v - Een tweede woord aan het publiek , betreffende eene beschouwing over de koolformatie van Borneo , door S.
Page 387 - ... nigris. Female. Black, dull, scabrous. Lateral horns of the thorax almost obsolete ; no hind horn. Abdomen tawny towards the base above. Legs tawny. Wings hyaline, slightly greyish ; reins black ; fore wings black at the base and along the costa.
Page 388 - Rufo-lutea, alis anticis testaeeis basi costaque rufescentibus apice roseis, posticis albidis. Reddish luteous. Fore wings testaceous, rosy towards the tips, reddish at the base and along the costa. Hind wings whitish. Length of the body 3 lines ; of the wings 8 lines. 134.
Page vi - Over eene merkwaardige Anomalie in den oorsprong der Arteriae Carotides, waargenomen bij Pitta [Encichla] cyanura, Vieill.
Page 372 - ... abdomen bright cupreous on each side at the base ; wings slightly grayish, with a broad black band in the middle and a very broad apical black band, the two...
Page 379 - Prothorax with two black stripes ; mcsothorax with eight black spots. Wings hyaline, with two incomplete black bands ; veins black ; fore wings with black marginal spots, and with a whitish stigma ; hind wings with black borders. Length of the body 4 lines ; of the wings 12 lines. 82.

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