Neandertals and Modern Humans in Western Asia

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Takeru Akazawa, Kenichi Aoki, Ofer Bar-Yosef
Springer Science & Business Media, 8. 5. 2007 - Počet stran: 539
In this fascinating volume, the Middle Paleolithic archaeology of the Middle East is brought to the current debate on the origins of modern humans. These collected papers gather the most up-to-date archaeological discoveries of Western Asia - a region that is often overshadowed by African or European findings - but the only region in the world where both Neandertal and early modern human fossils have been found. The collection includes reports on such well known cave sites as Kebara, Hayonim, and Qafzeh, among others. The information and interpretations available here are a must for any serious researcher or student of anthropology or human evolution.

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Table of Contents
Climatic Changes Paleogeography and the Evolution
Conclusion References
Where Are
Concluding Remarks
The Chronology of the Middle Paleolithic of the Levant
PostMortem Preservation Of Isotopic Signatures In Bone
The Human Fossils
Definition Of The Neandertals
Eastern Expansion Of The Neandertals
Description And Discussion
The Search for the Earliest Modern Europeans

The Definition Of The Levantine Mousterian Lithic Industries
Closing Remarks
Mousterian Lithic Characteristics
Thermoluminescence Dating Of Some Levantine Middle
The Faunal Sequence Of The Southwest Asian Middle
The Early Middle Paleolithic
Cultural Interpretations
The Inland
Acknowledgments References
Hayonim Cave
Intrasite Spatial Patterns and Behavioral Modernity 1 Introduction
Intersite And Intrasite Patterns
Intrasite Correlations
Site Structure Of Tor Faraj
Inferences Beyond Human Modernity
The Lithic Assemblages of Amud Cave
Hayonim Cave Lithic Assemblages in the Context of the Near
Hayonim Layer E Among Other Levantine Sites
Archaeometric Study Of The BitumenLike Material Occurring
The Role of Hunting and Scavenging In neandertal
Ungulate Mortality Patterns
Characteristics And Taphonomy Of The Faunal Sample
Explanations For Species Trends In The Cultural Layers
Neandertal and Early Modern Human Mobility Patterns
The Retromolar Space
Ontogenetic Variation in Late Pleistocene Homo Sapiens
Upper Limb Versus Lower Limb Loading Patterns Among
Discussion And Conclusions
Farah II
Tabun C2A Metrical Assessment
Views from Neighboring
Mental Abilities
Tool Making
Domestic Fire
A Comparative Perspective On Paleolithic Cultural Patterns
Middle Paleolithic Patterns
The Middle and the Early Upper Paleolithic Around the Black
The Middle Paleolithic Isotope Stages 6 And
The Late Middle Paleolithic Isotope Stages 5D5A And
Transition To The Upper Paleolithic Isotope Stage
Conclusions References
Turkey As A Key 1 Introduction
The Constitution Of A Myth 3 Modern Europe
Evolutionary Factors Peculiar To Man 5 The African Joke
The Mitochondrial Game
A Different Thought
Some Examples
The Impact of Climatic Changes on the Demography of Late Neandertal and Early Anatomically Modern Populations in Europe 1 Introduction 2 Th...
Models Of Population Coexistence
Why Anatomically Modern People Did Not Disperse From
Gif Laboratory Dates for Middle Paleolithic Levant
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