Ne-gro-phi-li-a: From Slave Block to Pedestal--America's Racial Obsession

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WND Books, 2010 - Social Science - 212 pages
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American Society Is Gripped by a bizarre and baffling condition that threatens the nation's very well being. But don't expect any surgeon general warnings, celebrity PSAs, or prescription drug commercials to even whisper of it. That's because this societal sickness is rooted in (peek over shoulders, lower voice)... race.

No other four-letter word carries connotations as vile. It possesses the power to wound and outrage, to detonate careers, to summon victim mongers, and paralyze honest conversation. Into this hot zone enters Erik Rush, who boldly uses the N-word---Negrophilia---in penning what's destined to become the definitive book on race politics in America.

The condition of Negrophilia, as Rush diagnoses it, entrances whites and renders blacks spellbound.

Prodded by guilt and reprogrammed by press propaganda, whites succumb to Negrophilia when, believing that people of color are somehow more benevolent and less corruptible than themselves, they develop an undue affinity for them.

Blacks suffer worse when they embrace this base patronization. They're denied accountability for their own actions. They're shackled by their acceptance of the nobility---no matter how lacking---of all "black leaders." They're ripe for the "rescue" of predatory, opportunistic members of the black community---in concert with white politicians scheming for votes, political power, and personal enrichment.

America cannot recover from Negrophilia if her citizens can't mention the symptoms, much less the causes. To this end, Erik Rush serves up a heady remedy---and addresses all the politically incorrect unmentionables with a refreshing frankness that's long overdue.

Toughened by Having Endured every ugly epithet imaginable, Erik Rush fearlessly seizes the racial third-rail and wields it like a weapon. He slices stereotypes across the ethnic spectrum, cutting down demagogues, race-baiters, perpetual victims, "wiggas," guilt-trippers, and any others suffering from--- or intentionally infecting others with--- the affliction of Negrophilia.

Rush crystallizes just how pervasive and pandemic Negrophilia really is---and the best way to treat it. He gives the complexities, confusions, and thought-crimes surrounding this taboo topic the black-and-white clarity they deserve---ensuring that you'll never look, or speak, about race in the same way again.

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Erik Rush, a New York City native and former club, stage, and studio musician, is a popular speaker and iconoclastic online columnist. For example, he was the first person to elevate to the national level the scandalous story of then-Senator Barack Obama's ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright, something Rush reported way back in February 2007. The revelation rocked the campaign cycle and provided the public with its first major hint of just how radical Obama's associations, influences, and worldview actually were.

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