Nehalem (Place People Live)

Front Cover, 2013 - Fiction - 236 pages
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Nehalem explores the impact of illegal international fishing on a community where the ocean provides practical and spiritual meaning for local lives and relationships. Surfers and fishermen from a small Oregon harbor town respond to the threat of salmon extinction, when miles of deadly drift nets begin harvesting their coastal waters.
This exciting drama unfolds at a time when national media had not yet reported the devastating effects of factory ships slaughtering the ocean's wildlife. It looks back at a time when protecting the environment meant joining with trusted neighbors and fighting alone against the overwhelming power of multinational interests and corporate greed.
The deeper theme of the story examines how people manage practically and spiritually, when indifferent authority threatens the foundation of their community. Surfing transforms from daring sport to spiritual path, and deep ocean fishing evolves from practical livelihood to environmental survival.

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