Neo-Piagetian Theories of Cognitive Development: Implications and Applications for Education

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Andreas Demetriou, Michael Shayer, Anastasia Efklides
Routledge, 2016. júl. 7. - 324 oldal

Piagetian theory was once considered able to describe the structure and development of human thought. As a result, it generated an enthusiasm that it could direct education to develop new teaching methods, particularly in science and mathematics. However, disillusionment with Piagetian theory came rather quickly because many of its structural and developmental assumptions appeared incongruent with empirical evidence.

In recent years several neo-Piagetian theories have been proposed which try to preserve the strengths of Piaget’s theory, while eliminating its weaknesses. At the same time several other models have been advanced originating from different epistemological traditions, such as cognitive/differential psychology or socio-historical approaches.

Originally published in 1992, this title was unique in representing most of these theories and traditions. Specifically, the authors focus their work on the educational implications of their research. The chapters are organised in three parts: the first part presents some widely known models of cognitive development and discusses their implications for different aspects of education; the second part is devoted to learning and cognitive acceleration; while part three highlights teaching methods that would improve the acquisition of particular skills in specific areas.

Written by an eminent group of truly international contributors, this title will still be useful to students and researchers in cognitive development and education, as well as educational policy makers.



List of figures and tables
General principles of cognitive organization and change
Problems and issues in intervention studies
Training cognitive change and individual differences
Improving operational abilities in children Results of a largescale
Training scientific reasoning in children and adolescents A critical
Value and limitations of analogues in teaching mathematics

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Anastasia Efklides, Andreas Demetriou, Michael Shayer

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