Neoreaction a Basilisk: Essays on and Around the Alt-Right

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 29 mrt 2018 - 414 pagina's
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A software engineer sets out to design a new political ideology, and ends up concluding that the Stewart Dynasty should be reinstated. A cult receives disturbing messages from the future, where the artificial intelligence they worship is displeased with them. A philosopher suffers a mental breakdown and retreats to China, where he finds the terrifying abyss at the heart of modern liberalism.Are these omens of the end times, or just nerds getting up to stupid hijinks? Por que no los dos!Neoreaction a Basilisk is a savage journey into the black heart of our present eschaton. We're all going to die, and probably horribly. But at least we can laugh at how completely ridiculous it is to be killed by a bunch of frog-worshiping manchildren.Featuring essays on: * Tentacled computer gods at the end of the universe* Deranged internet trolls who believe women playing video games will end western civilization* The black mass in which the President of the United States sacrificed his name* Fringe economists who believe it's immoral for the government to prevent an asteroid from hitting the Earth* The cabal of lizard people who run the world* How to become a monster that haunts the future* Why infusing the blood of teenagers for eternal youth is bad and stupi

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