Nervous and Mental Diseases

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Year Book Publishers, 1915 - Nervous system

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Page 199 - definitely be declared insane, feeble-minded or epileptic. Such lying rarely if ever centers about a single event; although exhibited in very occasional cases for a short time it manifests itself most frequently by far over a period of years or even a lifetime. It represents a trait rather than
Page 198 - Psychic constitutional inferiority may be recognized by chronic abnormal social and mental reactions to the ordinary conditions of life, on the part of one who cannot be classified in any of the groups of the insanities, neuroses, or mental defectives. The individual generally shows physical anomalies, either structural or functional.
Page 193 - Altogether there seems to be no proof whatever from our extensive material that there is such a thing as criminalistic inheritance apart from some otherwise significant physical or mental trait, which in the offender and his forbears, forms the basis of delinquency.
Page 199 - Definition: Pathological lying is falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, engaged in by a person who, at the time of observation, can not
Page 114 - wave of pluriglandular inactivity. The essential role may perhaps be ascribed to the pituitary body, not only for the reason that the most striking histological changes appear in this structure but also because deprivation of the secretion of this gland alone of the entire ductless gland series produces a group of symptoms comparable to those of hibernation.
Page 201 - A general observation by practical students of conduct, namely, that females tend to deviate from the truth more readily than males, is more than thoroughly borne out here. There are certainly several social and psychological reasons for this, but they need not be gone into here. If our figures seem not to be corroborated by the findings of previous
Page 172 - purposes of observation. The court may also direct the chief physician of the hospital to prepare a report regarding the mental condition of the accused. This report may be introduced in evidence at the trial under the oath of said chief physician, who may be cross-examined regarding the report by counsel for both sides.
Page 200 - agree with previous writers that an unusual number of the pathological liar group show great aptitude for language. This is shown by their general conversational ability and by the fact that many of them have found out themselves that they had capacity for
Page 176 - it was the intention of the board to stimulate each hospital to '' reach out,'' as Dr. Adolf Meyer once said, "into the community and be responsible for the mental health of the community or district which it covers.
Page 210 - patient sings, swears, bangs about movables, threatens to take her own life and that of others. The acute attack lasts for a day or two and is followed by a period of depression and inactivity for a day or two, after which the patient's reactions return to a normal level.

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