Nestorius and His Place in the History of Christian Doctrine

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University Press, 1914 - 132

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Strona 35 - Surely I will not come into the tabernacle of my house, nor go up into my bed; 4 I will not give sleep to mine eyes, or slumber to mine eyelids, 5 Until I find out a place for the Lord, an habitation for the mighty God of Jacob.
Strona 96 - Agit enim utraque forma cum alterius communione quod proprium est; Verbo scilicet operante quod Verbi est, et carne exequente quod carnis est.
Strona 77 - KOI 6 at/ros and ev nrpofffairov may be used alternately6. Nevertheless, before we go further, I must lay stress on the fact that the notion of "irpoawirov in Nestorius grew upon another soil and, therefore, had a wider application than our term person.
Strona 122 - Evacuatis enim omnibus, requiescit activa potentia, et erit in ipso deus, secundum quod est esse et secundum quod est quiescere, in aliis autem omnibus spiritaliter, secundum suam et po30 tentiam et substantiam. Et hoc est : ut sit deus omnia in omnibus.
Strona 32 - X^e nothing to say against it — only do not make a Goddess of tlie virgin1.
Strona 19 - be anathema.... And would to God that all men by anathe' matizing me might attain to a reconciliation with God ; for 'to me there is nothing greater or more precious than this. ' Nor would I refuse to retract what I have said ' were I but 'assured that it was required of me to do so, and that men * would hereby be...
Strona 9 - The sixth book of the select letters of Severus, Patriarch of Antiochia in the Syriac version etc., 2 vols., London, 1902-1904; Hymns in Patrologia orientalie, vi, 1, 1910.
Strona 17 - Death1 is already on him, but he can say his Nunc Dimittis in peace. ' As for me, I have borne the sufferings of my life and all ' that has befallen me in this world as the suffering of a single ' day ; and I have not changed, lo, all these years. And now, ' lo, I am already on the point to depart, and daily I pray to ' God to dismiss me — me, whose eyes have seen His salvation.
Strona 77 - I believe, everything had its 7rp6<ra>Trov, that is its appearance, its kind of being seen and judged. In not a few places in Nestorius, it is true, the meaning of irpocrwvov coincides with our understanding of the term person, eg "Cyril's Trpoa-wirov"* means Cyril, "these irpoffwira" means these persons5, and el?
Strona 79 - ... of Christ. But what does he understand by this? At first we must answer: Nestorius has in his mind the undivided appearance of the historic Jesus Christ. For he says, very often, that Christ is the one •trpoffunrov of the union3.

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