Network-Based Parallel Computing Communication, Architecture, and Applications: Third International Workshop, CANPC'99, Orlando, Florida, USA, January 9th, 1999, Proceedings

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Anand Sivasubramaniam, Mario Lauria
Springer, 2006. gada 29. dec. - 232 lappuses
Clusters of workstations/PCs connected by o?-the-shelf networks have become popular as a platform for cost-e?ective parallel computing. Hardware and so- ware technological advances have made this network-based parallel computing platform feasible. A large number of research groups from academia and industry are working to enhance the capabilities of such a platform, thereby improving its cost-e?ectiveness and usability. These developments are facilitating the mig- tion of many existing applications as well as the development of new applications on this platform. Continuing in the tradition of the two previously successful workshops, this 3rd Workshop on Communication, Architecture and Applications for Netwo- based Parallel Computing (CANPC’99) has brought together researchers and practitioners working in architecture, system software, applications and perf- mance evaluation to discuss state-of-the-art solutions for network-based parallel computing systems. This workshop has become an excellent forum for timely dissemination of ideas and healthy interaction on topics at the cutting edge in cluster computing technology. Each submitted paper underwent a rigorous review process, and was assigned to at least 3 reviewers, including at least 2 program committee members. Each paper received at least 2 reviews, most received 3 and some even had 4 reviews.

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A Parallel Implementation of the Everglades Landscape Fire Model
Adaptation Models for NetworkAware Distributed Computations
Prototyping Execution Models for HTMT Petaflop Machine in Java
Is It Worth the Flexibility Provided by Irregular Topologies in Networks
Performance Evaluation of the Multimedia Router with MPEG2 Video
A Scalable Flow Control Algorithm for the Fast Messages Communication
High Performance Sockets and RPC over Virtual Interface VI
The Scheduled Transfer ST Protocol
Support for Scalable Distributed Shared Objects
Evaluation of a Hybrid
DeadlockFree Routing in Irregular Networks with
Implementing ApplicationSpecific CacheCoherence Protocols
Supporting Shared Memory and Message Passing on Clusters of PCs with
Low Latency MessagePassing for Reflective Memory Networks
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The NIP Parallel ObjectOriented Computational Model

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