Neue philologische Rundschau

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F.A. Perthes., 1901 - Philology
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Page 496 - of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables, that seeing they might not see, and Hearing they might not understand. St. Luke.
Page 450 - in quo tantus fertur fuisse numerus monachorum, ut cum in septem portiones esset cum praepositis sibi rectoribus monasterium divisum, nulla harum portio minus quam trecentos homines haberet: qui omnes de labore manuum suarum vivere solebant. Horum ergo plurimi ad memoratam aciem peracto
Page 78 - I never could lay down a plan — or, having laid it down, I never could adhere to it. I only tried to make that which I was actually writing diverting and interesting, leaving the rest to fate
Page 174 - F. Ratzel, Der Ursprung und die Wanderungen der Völker geographisch betrachtet. II. Geographische Prüfung der Thatsachen über den Ursprung der Völker Europas. Berichte über die Verhandlungen der Königlich sächsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig.
Page 78 - I see before me a long, tedious and dark path, but it leads to stainless reputation. If I die in the harrows,
Page 77 - own letters and diaries, rather than of any other materials, but refrained from obtruding almost anything of comment; it was my wish to let the character develop itself
Page 376 - keine von beiden rein zur Geltung kommt, sondern eine neue Form entsteht, in der sich Elemente der einen mit Elementen der anderen mischen".
Page 78 - honour; if I achieve my task, I shall have the thanks of all concerned, and the approbation of my own conscience
Page 78 - let every man to whom he has given months of delight give him a sixpence, and he will rise
Page 620 - changeful preference, since nothing inspired his imagination without relation to his one purpose, namely, by his utterance to make the soul of man purer and wiser and stronger. It is the ruling force of this conscious purpose which gives not only

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