New Timon; a poetical romance &: St. Stephens; a poem

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Tauchnitz, 1860 - Poetry - 298 pages
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Page 38 - When Hampden's thought, by Falkland's muses drest, Lights the pale cheek, and swells the generous breast; When the pent heat expands the quickening soul, — And foremost in the race the wheels of genius roll! What gives the Past the haunting charms that please Sage, scholar, bard? — The shades of men like these
Page 51 - sitting below on the rushes all desolate and dismayed,' and when he opened his windows and looked on the Thames, he might see the river full of boats of the Duke of Gloucester his servants , watching that no person should go to sanctuary, nor none should pass unsearched.
Page 176 - confined, The seen horizon bounds the baffled mind, The Inspired begins — the onward march is given; Bridging all space, nor ending ev'n in Heaven! There, veil'd on earth, we mark divinely clear, Duty and end — the There explains the Here! We see the link that binds the future band, Foeman with foeman gliding hand in
Page 287 - And every week that club-room, famous then, ** Where striplings settled questions spoilt by men, When grand MACAULAY sate triumphant down, Heard PRAED'S reply, and long'd to halve the crown. Yet in St. Stephen's this bright creature fail'd — Yes, but o'er failure had he not prevail'd, If his that scope in
Page 173 - Because, reposed in faith the soul has calm; The hope a haven and the wound a balm; Because the light, dim seen in Reason's dream, On all alike, through faith alone, could stream. God will'd support to Weakness, joy to Grief, And so descended from his throne •— BELIEF!
Page 286 - and a chop; From five to dawn, a bill to pass or stop; Which, stopt or pass'd, leaves England much the same Alas for genius staked in such a game! When as "the guerdon" in the grasp appears, " Comes the blind Fury with the abhorred shears." Farewell, fine humorist, finer reasoner still, Lively as Luttrell, logical as Mill, Lamented
Page 49 - PART THE SECOND. LONDON, I take thee to a Poet's heart! For those that seek a Helicon thou art! Let schoolboy Strephons bleat of flocks and fields, Each street of thine a loftier Idyl yields; Fed by all life, and fann'd by every wind, There, burns the quenchless Poetry
Page 227 - On trouve du plaisir à descendre tant qu'on croit pouvoir remonter dès qu'on le veut: et sans prévoyance nous goûtions tout à la fois les avantages du patriciat, et les douceurs
Page 227 - pour l'avenir, nous marchions gaiement sur un tapis de fleurs qui nous cachait un abîme. Rians frondeurs des modes anciennes, de l'orgueil féodal de nos pères, et de leurs graves
Page 36 - all contrasts which belong To minds abased, but passions rous'd, by wrong; The blood all fervour, and the brain all guile, — The patriot's bluntness, and the bondsman's wile. One after one the lords of time advance, — Here Stanley meets, — how Stanley scorns, the

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