New Ballads

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John Lane, 1896 - Ballads, English - 110 pages
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Page 96 - And our hearts are in our throats! Nameless as the stars of night Far in galaxies unfurled, Yet we wield unrivalled might, Joints and hinges of the world! Night and day! night and day! Sound the song the hours rehearse!
Page 29 - He, my father! These are times When all must to the crucible — no thought, Practice, or use, or custom sacro-sanct But shall be violable now. And first If ever we evade the wonted round, The stagnant vortex of the eddying years, The child must take the father by the beard, And say, "What did you in begetting me?
Page 97 - ... the road the grimy rout Tramples homeward twenty deep. Piper, play ! Piper, play ! Though we be o'erlaboured men, Ripe for rest, pipe your best ! Let us foot it once again ! Bridled looms delay their din; All the humming wheels are spent; Busy spindles cease to spin; Warp and woof must rest content. Piper, play ! Piper, play ! For a little we are free ! Foot it girls and shake your curls, Haggard creatures though we be ! Racked and soiled the faded air Freshens in our holiday ; Clouds and tides...
Page 19 - ... the rooks debate, divide, With many a hoarse aside, In solemn conclave on the budding trees; Larks in the skies and ploughboys o'er the leas Carol as if the winter ne'er had been; The very owl comes out to greet the sun; Rivers high-hearted run; And hedges mantle with a flush of green. The curlew calls me where the salt winds blow; His troubled note dwells mournfully and dies; Then the long echo cries Deep in my heart. Ah, surely I must go! For there the tides, moon-haunted, ebb and flow; And...
Page 98 - ... our respite share; Breezes linger by the way. Piper, rest! Piper, rest! Now, a carol of the moon! Piper, piper, play your best, Melt the sun Into your tune! We are of the humblest grade; Yet we dare to dance our fill: Male and female were we made — Fathers, mothers, lovers still! Piper— softly; soft and low; Pipe of love in mellow notes, Till the tears begin to flow.

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