Next Door Neighbours: A Comedy; in Three Acts

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P. Byrne, 1791 - 61 pages
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Page 2 - Pray are you the perfon who was fent with the chandelier ? SHOPMAN. Yes, fir. BLUNTLY. Then pleafe to take it back again — We don't want it. SHOPMAN. What is your objection to it, fir ? BLUNTLY. It will coft too much. SHOPMAN. Mr. Bluntly, all the trades-people are more frightened at you than at your mafter.— Sir George, ti George, Heaven blefs him ! never cares how much a thing cofts.
Page 26 - ... pounds ? Blnn. If she refuses, she is worth a thousand ; but if she complies, you have thrown away your money. Sir Geo. Just the reverse. Blun. But I hope, sir, you do not mean to throw away any more thus ; for although this sum, by way of charity, may be well applied, yet indeed, sir, I know some of your creditors as much in want as this poor family.
Page 10 - I am convinced you would only take, to bring to me ; but this is to affure you, I do not want for any thing. HENRY. Not want ? — Nor does my father ? ELEANOR. Scarcely, while we vifit him. Every time he fees us we make him happy ; but he would never behold us again if we behaved unworthy of him, HENRY. What ! banifh us from a prifon ? ELEANOR.
Page 3 - It will then be by taking away the means. Why, Lady Caroline is as extravagant as himself.
Page 14 - Would you have me be laying out my money, while 1 only let the place as a paltry price, to people people who I am obliged to threaten to turn into the ftreets every quarter, before I can get my rent From them ? BLUNTLY. Is that the fituation of your lodgers at prefent ? BLACKMAN. Yes. — But they made a better appearance •when they firft came...
Page 3 - ... cofts. BLUNTLY. That is, becaufe he never cares whether he pays for it or not but if he did, depend upon it he would be very particular. Tradefmen all wifh to be paid for their ware, don't they ? SHOPMAN.
Page 25 - ... and now, if the sister will only be as grateful. Enter BLUNTLY. Blun. Dear sir, what can you have said to the young man ? I never saw a person so much affected ! Sir Geo. In what manner ? Blun. The tears ran down his cheeks as he passed along, and he held something in his hand which he pressed to his lips, and then to his heart, as if it was a treasure. •Sir Geo. It is a treasure, Bluntly — a hundred guineas. Blun. But for which, I believe, you expect a greater treasure in return. Sir Geo....
Page 37 - Deftradlion ! —Furies of the blackeft kind confpire againft me, and all their ferpents are in my heart. — Cruel, yet beloved woman ! Could you thus abufe and take advantage of the madnefs of my fituation ? LADY CAROLINE. Your misfortunes, my dear Sir George — make you blind. SIR GEORGE. [Taking her again ajide. No, they have rather opened my eyes, and have (hown me what you are.

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