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Xlibris Corp, Jul 12, 2006 - Fiction - 288 pages
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Every 3,600 years, a large red planet called Niberia passes through our solar system on an elliptical orbit near Earth. Rachel longs for some excitement, some adventure in her life. The most adventurous things that ever seem to happen to her are within her nightmarish dreams. Little did she know that these dreams have been a constant link to the far-off world of Niberia. Rachel has been plagued with very realistic dreams and nightmares for many years. So real that she doesn't know whether she's awake or asleep. Rachel wakes up one morning in a stranger's bed with no recollection of how she had gotten there. She learns that not only is she in some strange man's bed, may I add gorgeous, strange man, but she finds out that she's on a different planet as well. Little did she know that these dreams have been a constant link to the far off world of Niberia. Is Niberia real? Or is Rachel living within her dreams? So begins Rachel's journey to discover her life before Earth. A journey where she learns of her past ties with her seductively beautiful evil sister, Nammu, the ruler of Planet Niberia and how she arrived on Earth 3,600 years ago along with many other Niberians. A journey where the flames are reignited as Rachel is reunited with her love of many, many past lives ago.

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