Night and Morning: A Novel...

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Harper & Brothers, 1841
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Page 72 - There was not such a gracious creature born. But now will canker sorrow eat my bud, And chase the native beauty from his cheek, And he will look as hollow as a ghost; As dim and meagre as an ague's fit ; And so he'll die ; and, rising so again, When I shall meet him in the court of heaven I shall not know him: therefore never, never Must I behold my pretty Arthur more.
Page 30 - tis a moment's gleam Of former sunshine — stay, delightful dream ! Let him within his pleasant garden walk, Give him her arm, of blessings let them talk.
Page 2 - Commentaries on the Gallic War, and the First Book of the Greek Paraphrase ; with English Notes, critical and explanatory, Plans of Battles, Sieges, &c., and Historical, Geographical, and Archaeological Indexes.
Page 1 - Elements of Mental Philosophy. Embracing the two Departments of the Intellect and the Sensibilities. 2 vols. 12mo, Sheep extra, $2 50. Upham's Mental Philosophy, Abridged. 12mo, Sheep extra, $1 25. Upham's Treatise on the Will. 12mo, Sheep extra, $1 25. Upham's Imperfect and Disordered Mental Action.
Page 2 - Latin Grammar, Part I. Containing the most important Parts of the Grammar of the Latin Language, together with appropriate Exercises in the translating and writing of Latin.
Page 85 - May, while that you may, For May hath but his time ; When all the fruit is gone, it is Too late the tree to climb.
Page 3 - III. Little Henry and his Bearer; Lucy and her Dhaye; Memoirs of Sergeant Dale, his Daughter, and the Orphan Mary ; Susan Gray ; Lucy Clare; Theophilus and Sophia; Abdallah.
Page 192 - HAPPY the man, who, void of cares and strife, In silken or in leathern purse retains A Splendid Shilling...
Page 3 - Angelina— The Good French Governess — Mademoiselle Panache — The Knapsack — Lame Jervas— The Will— Out of Debt out of Danger— The Limerick Gloves— The Lottery— Rosanna. VOL.
Page 214 - Thus, holding high discourse, they came to where The cursed carle was at his wonted trade; Still tempting heedless men into his snare, In witching wise, as I before have said. But when he saw, in goodly...

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