Night of the Foal: The New Riders of the Purple Sage

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AuthorHouse, Sep 24, 2009 - Fiction - 308 pages
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Sage Sweetwater re-kindles the spirit of the Old West in her lesbian poetry, blending elements into contemporary settings.  Her audience passes through a peeled-pine-log entrance to her pulp fiction gallery, a collection of lesbian erotica, giving lesbian sexuality the natural feel of nature and wood; whiskey bent, conjuring up brothels, tipis, stagecoaches, and spiritual elements of Earth and Sky, invigorating scenes which explore women’s history.  Sage Sweetwater quills a new generation of pilgrim lesbians.  Her commitment to literary excellence and accuracy is defended. The quality of Sage Sweetwater’s work resides on Authors Den where it is showcased, which has withstood screening, critique, rejection, scandal, and controversy.  Success is the best motivation.  Sage Sweetwater has written many volumes, and what she has got in return are the fans, a faithful readership who knows Sage Sweetwater lays out a good storyline and opening hook, stanzas and paragraphs that maintain reader interest.  Sage Sweetwater thanks the pulp heroes who created the pulp genre.

Sage Sweetwater's story
is bigger than the limited
4 X 6" sheet of paper stuffed
in a small aluminum canister carried
off by the pigeon to deliver to those
who have stayed with her, blow blow
Seminole Wind,

the pigeon can make the
journey in less than twelve
hours, her stories receive front
page billing, "special" sent by
carrier pigeon from the Wet Mountains,

sitting high on
the withers, outlaw
influence modifies her
saddle, her "wanted" groin
swells on the front, a cantle
of vagina height, cruises it up
to the saddle horn, orgasmic, her
vertical smiles, knees bent, in
contact with her sexuality, strongly
built, outstanding stamina and horse
sense, the Judas reaches back to the
sixteenth century for the rewards of
the spirit, no tolerance for fixed

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