No Goodbyes: A Father-Daughter Memoir of Love, War and Resurrection

iUniverse, 7 août 2009 - 332 pages
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When actress/playwright/author Naava Piatka interviews her Holocaust survivor father, Xavier Piat, she is amazed to hear such intimate, graphic revelations of family drama, political upheaval, sexual seduction, divorce, mass murder, betrayal and ultimate creative triumph. Soon, she is thrust into an epic saga of one man's journey through the shifting European landscape of Communism, Nazism, Zionism, Nationalism and immigration - where survival depends on luck, who you know, and finding the friend beneath the foe.

From Russia to Lithuania, France to England, South Africa to the USA, Mr. Piat's recollections include a cast of colorful characters of political leaders and entertainers, with Menachem Begin, Kommandant Klee, Ze'ev Jabotinsky, Molly Picon, Sol Hurok, Chayela Rosenthal, Maurice Chevalier, Marilyn Monroe and Danny Kaye.

Reflecting on their complex father-daughter relationship, Naava discovers that her former god is a sentimental human, who emerged from the horrors of war and death camps, the sole survivor of his once large family. In entering his world, she begins to redefine her own. In confronting the past and retelling the stories, both father and daughter find new understanding, forgiveness and renewed connection.

NO GOODBYES reminds us that we can connect through our stories, that suffering can turn into celebration, and that the power of family and love endures beyond death.


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À propos de l'auteur (2009)

South African born Naava Piatka (actress/playwright/author) has traveled the world performing her one-woman show "Better Don't Talk!"- about her mother, Chayela Rosenthal, Star of the Vilna Ghetto Theater. Her unique, uplifting brand of Holocaust education includes performances, workshops and speaking engagements.

NO GOODBYES, her first and only memoir, traces her Holocaust survivor father's life. The book was published just weeks before she passed away to cancer at the age of 57, but she was very pleased to be able to hear the positive reviews and impact this book had on people's lives.

Her stories live on through this book, her artwork, and her adoring family, friends and fans.

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