No Woman is Allergic to Diamonds

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Trafford Publishing, Aug 3, 2006 - Self-Help
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The so-called "Intelligentsia" call them "aphorism", but they are much better known as one-liners, wisdoms, proverbs, quotable quotes, and so on.

They are a form of creativity far above creative writing; they are a form of "creative thinking". They come natural to most persons whose brains have not been stunted by too much brain-washing called education; they can be learned by anybody willing to tap and develop their dormant thoughts.

Composing them can be very "soul" satisfying. Writing them can become a delightful hobby.

No matter what you call them, each one offers a penetrating insight into the foibles of the people and society that surround you. If you study one a day, even briefly, you will gain the equivalent of a doctorate in wisdom. Sorry, I retract that statement. I've known too many arrogant Ph.D.'s who were nothing more than learned fools.

So I should have said, you will gain the wisdom of that extremely rare entity - a wise person. You may even begin to understand yourself. You may even begin to understand your spouse. It has been done.

Some readers might find this book has an anti-feminist tinge. But I am far from being an anti-feminist.

Some of my best friends are women. This sentence reveals one of the tricks of writing aphorisms. Simply take a well-known saying and change only one word. The original saying was: Some of my best friends are...

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