Nomination: Hearing Before the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, United States Senate, Ninety-first Congress, First Session, on Luther Holcomb, of Texas, to be a Member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, (reappointment), June 30, 1969

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Pagina 3 - Mr. Chairman, if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. I...
Pagina 1 - ... the provisions of this title, to assist in such effectuation by conciliation or such other remedial action as is provided by this title; (5) to make such technical studies as are appropriate to effectuate the purposes and policies of this title and to make the results of such studies available to the public; (6) to refer matters to the Attorney General with recommendations for intervention in a civil action brought by an aggrieved party under section 706, or for the institution of a civil action...
Pagina 1 - President concerning the action it has taken; the names, salaries, and duties of all individuals in its employ and the moneys it has disbursed; and shall make such further reports on the cause of and means of eliminating discrimination and such recommendations for further legislation as may appear desirable.

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