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Use in Literature NormalisingNormally 'the tendency to solitude at adolescence indicates not fulness but want'; and a judicious balance between rest and work, pursuit of favorite lines, genuine sympathy, and wise companionship will generally normalize the social relation.ndash;G. Stanley Hall in Youth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene.This is the nascent stage of periodicity to the slow normalization of which, during these few critical years, everything that interferes should yield.ndash;G. Stanley Hall in Youth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene.They will always find a seemly motive to legitimize, normalize and put a wrapper all around paid libertinage, because they know very well that otherwise it would rush in a torrent into their bedrooms and nurseries.ndash;Alexandra Kuprin in Yama (The Pit).My own principle has been to deviate as little as possible from the traditional spelling followed in normalized texts.ndash;Henry Sweet in An Icelandic Primer [UTF-8]. Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageCalibration of currency validators: Patented by Katharine Louise King on December 3, 2002. Abstract: Articles belonging to known calibration classes are fed, in any sequence, to a currency acceptor in order to derive measurements which are used for calibration purposes. The calibration articles are classified, preferably by normalising a number of the measurements using a further measurement as a normalisation factor, and then calculating a Mahalanobis distance using the normalised measurements. The measurements are prevented from being used for calibration purposes if an integrity check suggests that they are unreliable.Cluster Analysis: Patented by Krishna C. Persaud on October 11, 1996. Abstract: There is disclosed a concentration sensitive method for analysis of a plurality of outputs from chemical sensing device comprising the steps of: normalising said plurality of outputs; calculating at least one intensity output, said intensity output being related to the absolute magnitude of at least one of said plurality of outputs; and performing a cluster analysis of the plurality of normalised outputs and the intensity output, or outputs.Cost Control in a Telecommunications System: Patented by Jamo Savolainen on February 15, 2001. Abstract: A method of monitoring the chargeable activities of a user in a mobile telecommunications network. The method comprises monitoring one or more conditions on which charging may be based and normalising the or each monitored condition so that the condition(s) can be compared against a standard value and/or used for calculating a charge.Speech Recognition: Patented by Imre Kiss on October 27, 2000. Abstract: A speech recognition feature extractor for extracting speech features from a speech signal, comprising: a time-to-frequency domain transformer (FFT) for generating spectral magnitude values in the frequency domain from the speech signal; a frequency domain filtering block (Mel) for generating a sub-band value relating to spectral magnitude values of a certain frequency sub-band; a compression block (LOG) for compressing said sub-band values; a transformation block (DCT) for obtaining a set of de-correlated features from the compressed sub-band values; and a normalising block (CN) for normalising de-correlated features.Use of vasopressin receptor antagonist for regulation of ACTH release: Patented by Kamal A Al Barazanji on May 3, 2000. Abstract: A method for normalising abnormally elevated ACTH release in mammals, such as humans, which method comprises the administration of an effective, non-toxic amount of a compound which regulates the biological activity of the arginine vasopressin V1b receptor (the AVP V1b receptor); a compound and composition for use in such method.Bibliographic UsageBradbury, M. Normalising the crisis in Africa appears in Disasters written by M. Bradbury. Published in December 1998.Cairns D.A., Thompson D., Perkins D.N., Stanley A.J., Selby P.J., Banks R.E. Autho

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