Norman Architecture

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A. and C. Black, 1907 - Architecture, Norman - 137 pages

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Page 94 - He (Roger, bishop of Salisbury) was a prelate of great mind, and spared no expense towards completing his designs, especially in buildings ; which may be seen in other places, but more particularly at Salisbury and at Malmesbury, for there he erected extensive edifices at vast cost, and with surpassing beauty, the courses of stone leing so correctly laid that the joint deceives the eye, and leads it to imagine that the whole wall is composed of a single block.
Page 29 - Veil being in some places covered by those of the wrapper, in others naked. room, which radiate from the centre to the circumference, like the spokes of a wheel...
Page 56 - N..MM:.Hi) .") following to the eastward the polygonal form of the apse, and extending one bay towards the west. From an examination of the central tower, it is clear that this was not the original pitch of the church roof, which was nearly as low in all Norman churches as in those of Auvergne. In this instance the roof over the apse was a sort of semiepire placed over an altar, to mark externally the importance of the portion of the church beneath it.
Page 35 - Sacharissa is more upset. There's so little for her to do, really — and she had a presentiment." I got into the cab. "You know where to find me?" "Yes." We drove round the gravel sweep in front of the house and then headed down the lime avenue which only a few hours ago I had seen for the first time. Laurian remained in the door with her arm raised in an antique farewell, and from all the concave unrestored panes in the Georgian windows I had the impression of staring eyes. I shrank back into my...
Page 22 - Norman buildings are now used for very different purposes from those for which they were originally designed, having been divided up into shops, workrooms, market-halls, and dwelling apartments.
Page 34 - Virgin, and having its origin in the form of a fish, which was used as a symbol by the early Christians because the letters in the Greek word for c fish ' form the initial letters of the Greek for 'Jesus Christ, Son of God, the Saviour.
Page 108 - The nave, west front, and tower are Norman work ; one bay of the chancel is of later date.
Page 70 - Norman masonry, for when the central tower fell the transepts were somewhat damaged ; the repairs are executed in finejointed masonry, which is joined up to the wide-jointed masonry of the earlier and original work.
Page 90 - Bartholomew appeared to him in a vision, and bade him build a church at Smithfield.
Page 90 - Rome, and whilst there he was attacked by malarial fever ; during his illness he made a vow that if he recovered he would found a hospital in London.

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