North American Forests and Forestry: Their Relations to the National Life of the American People

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G.P. Putnam, 1899 - Forests and forestry - 265 pages

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Page 271 - Recent Theories of Evolution. By J. MARK BALDWIN, Princeton University. The Reproduction of Living Beings. By Professor MARCUS HARTOG, Queen's College, Cork. Man and the Higher Apes. By Dr. A. KEITH, FRCS Heredity. By J. ARTHUR THOMPSON, School of Medicine, Edinburgh. Life Areas of North America: A Study in the Distribution of Animals and Plants. By Dr. C. HART MERRIAM, Chief of the Biological Survey, US Department of Agriculture. Age, Growth, Sex, and Death. By Professor CHARLES S. MINOT, Harvard...
Page 270 - Professor Brinton his shown in this volume an intimate and appreciative knowledge of all the important anthropological theories. No one seems to have been better acquainted with the very great body of facts represented by these sciences.
Page 269 - Earth Sculpture ; or, The Origin of Land-Forms. By JAMES GEIKIE, LL.D., DCL, FRS, etc., Murchison Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in the University of Edinburgh ; author of " The Great Ice Age,
Page 270 - Sc.D., Late Professor of American Archaeology and Linguistics in the University of Pennsylvania ; Author of " History of Primitive Religions," " Races and Peoples," " The American Race,
Page 269 - The book is cleverly written and is one of the best works of its kind ever put before the public. It will be interesting to all readers, and especially to those interested in the study of science."— New Haven Leader.
Page 269 - New Haven Leader. 3. — Rivers of North America. A Reading Lesson for Students of Geography and Geology. By ISRAEL C. RUSSELL, Professor of Geology, University of Michigan, author of " Lakes of North America," "Glaciers of North America," " Volcanoes of North America,
Page 269 - Age," etc. Fully illustrated. 8, $2.00. " This volume is the best popular and yet scientific treatment we know of of the origin and development of land-forms, and we immediately adopted it as the best available text-book for a college course in physiography. . . . The book is full of life and vigor, and shows the sympathetic touch of a man deeply in love with nature."—Science.
Page 272 - Mr. Parsons proves himself a master of his art as a landscape gardener, and this superb book should be studied by all who are concerned In the making of parks in other cities,"— Philadelphia Bulletin.
Page 269 - Springfield Republican. 6. — Bacteria : Especially as they are related to the economy of nature, to industrial processes, and to the public health. By GEORGE NEWMAN, MD, FRS (Edin.), DPH (Camb.), etc., Demonstrator of Bacteriology in King's College, London. With 24 micro-photographs of actual organisms and over 70 other illustrations. 8, $2.00. " Dr. Newman's discussions of bacteria and disease, of immunity, of antitoxins, and of methods of disinfection, are illuminating, and are to be commended...
Page 272 - NATURE STUDIES IN BERKSHIRE By JOHN COLEMAN ADAMS. With 16 illustrations in photogravure from original photographs by Arthur Scott. 8. Gilt top, in box, $4.50.

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