Nostradamus: 2012 Events & Beyond

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Crux Club Books, Jul 10, 2012 - History - 148 pages
Almost 500 years ago Nostradamus reintroduced to the world prophecies, most like contained in the last of the twelve books of such predictions, once guarded for millennia by the Roman Sybils.
These books, by extrapolation, contained the future of history the so called coming Moon Age, as recorded over 12,000 years ago, before it started. It is referred to as such, because sometimes between 12,000 and 10,000 years ago, as the planet warmed up by at least 7C, or circa 13F, the human brain was reduced by 30%, and the neuron connections by 50%, the mind reflected only a fraction of its former 'light', as Moon reflects the light of the Sun.
What is just as intriguing is the fact that out of the almost 1,000 predictions, the vast majority are intended for our time period, and once correctly interpreted, they form groups of overlapping mini-scenarios of incredible details.
In fact these predictions tell us the warming trends, that would destroy mankind, will be terminated by an asteroid impact in the Arctic, which will trigger a full blown ice age. This, in turn, will lead to a war for survival among the Europeans, and then of all of the Europeans with the Muslim invaders.
In North America, a brief civil war will lead to a complete reversal of social structure and to social renewal. This will also enable the North Americans to come, once again, to the aid of their European cousins, a few decades from now.
Perhaps more importantly, the predictions tell us of the rebirth of mankind to their former semi-divine glory, of mental capacity we have no concept of, but is hinted at not only in the relevant quatrains, but also re called by the Mayans. A glory possible only during an ice age.

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