Notching: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature NotchingThe upper part of its beak is hooked like that of a bird of prey, and as the albatross opens its beak and bites at the pork, you give a jerk, so that the triangle catches the upper part of the beak by two small notches, and the bird is left hanging.ndash;Roald Amundsen in The South Pole, vols 1 and 2.From the low, shrubby hawthorns, I gathered the small red apples, and from beneath the maples, picked by their slim golden stems the notched and gorgeous leaves.ndash;T.S. Arthur in Friends and Neighbors.Instead of singing the praises of the Lord in the chapel, he amused himself, during the services, by notching a bench; or, when he had stolen a piece of wood, he would carve the figure of some saint.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in Sarrasine.She does not know all our plans of cords, and notches, and things.ndash;Florence L. Barclay in The Rosary.I had notched a three and two singles, when he sent me down a medium to fast which got me in two minds and I played back to it too late.ndash;James M. Barrie in The Little White Bird.Pensive, he reclines upon his shield as he watches the slave who is grinding notches out of his sword.ndash;Reneacute; Bazin in The Ink-Stain, vol 1.The fisherman obeyed, but not without notching his cutlass.ndash;Thornton W. Burgess in The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat.Natch, a notching implement; abuse.ndash;Robert Burns in Poems And Songs Of Robert Burns.The chest he hid in the underbrush close by his boat, and with the girl ascended the notched log that led to the verandah of the structure, which, stretching away for three hundred yards upon its tall piles, resembled a huge centipede.ndash;Edgar Rice Burroughs in The Monster Men.In England the custom of using wooden tallies, inscribed as well as notched in the public accounts, lasted down to the nineteenth century.ndash;David N. Carvalho in Forty Centuries of Ink.

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