Notes on Books: Being an Analysis of the Works Published During Each Quarter by Longmans, Green, and Company, Volume 2

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Longmans, Green,, 1865 - Books

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Page 427 - THE HISTORY OF OUR LORD, as exemplified in Works of Art, with that of His Types, St. John the Baptist, and other persons of the Old and New Testament.
Page 272 - The Cabinet Lawyer : A Popular Digest of the Laws of England, Civil and Criminal ; with a Dictionary of Law Terms, Maxims, Statutes, and Judicial Antiquities ; Correct Tables of Assessed Taxes, Stamp Duties, Excise Licenses, and Post-Horse Duties ; Post-Office Regulations, and Prison Discipline. 16th Edition, comprising the Public Acts of the Session 1853.
Page 105 - Albert Durer, his Life and Works ; including Autobiographical Papers and Complete Catalogues. By WILLIAM B. SCOTT. With Six Etchings by the Author and other Illustrations. 8vo. 16s. Half-Hour Lectures on the History and Practice of the Fine and Ornamental Arts.
Page 89 - The Fall of the Roman Republic ; a Short History of the Last Century of the Commonwealth. By the same Author. 12mo. 7s. Gd. Historical and Chronological Encyclopaedia ; comprising Chronological Notices of all the Great Events of Universal History, including Treaties, Alliances, Wars, Battles, &c. ; Incidents in the Lives of Eminent Men, Scientific and Geographical Discoveries, Mechanical Inventions, and Social, Domestic, and Economical Improvements. By the late BB WOODWARD, BA and WLR CATES. 1 vol....
Page 429 - The Spanish Conquest in America, and its Relation to the History of Slavery and to the Government of Colonies. By ARTHUR HELPS. 4 vols. 8vo. 3. VOLS. I. & II. 28s. VOLS. III. & IV. 16s. each. History of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin.
Page 11 - Fairbairn.— Useful Information for Engineers : Being a Series of Lectures delivered to the Working Engineers of Yorkshire and Lancashire. With Appendices, containing the Results of Experimental Inquiries into the Strength of Materials, the Causes of Boiler Explosions, &c. By WILLIAM FAIEBAIEN, FRS, FGS Second Edition ; with numerous Plates and Woodcuts.
Page 10 - New and enlarged Edition ; with the Addition of Directions for paying Succession Duties on Real Property under Wills and Intestacies, and a Table for finding the Values of Annuities and the Amount of Legacy and Succession Duty thereon.
Page 233 - Conybeare and Howson.— The Life and Epistles of Saint Paul: Comprising a complete Biography of the Apostle, and a Translation of his Epistles inserted in Chronological Order. By the Rev. WJ CONYBEABE, MA ; and the Rev. JS HOWSON, MA Second Edition, revised and corrected ; with several Maps and Woodcuts, and 4 Plates.
Page 391 - Encyclopaedia of Cottage, Farm, and Villa Architecture and Furniture : containing numerous Designs, from the Villa to the Cottage and the Farm, including Farm Houses, Farmeries, and other Agricultural Buildings ; Country Inns, Public Houses, and Parochial Schools; with the requisite Fittings-up, Fixtures, and Furniture, and appropriate Offices, Gardens, and Garden Scenery : Each Design accompanied by Analytical and Critical Remarks.
Page 96 - The more knowledge advances, the more it has been, and will be, acknowledged that Christianity, as a real religion, must be viewed apart from connexion with physical things.

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