Notes on Shelley's Unfinished Poem "The Triumph of Life"

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private circulation, 1887 - Vellum printed books - 21 pages
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Page 10 - When the south wind shakes the extinguished day, And a cold glare, intenser than the noon, But icy cold, obscured with [blinding] light The sun, as he the stars. Like the young moon When on the sunlit limits of the night Her white shell trembles amid crimson air. And whilst the sleeping tempest gathers might, Doth, as the herald of its coming, bear The ghost of its dead mother...
Page 13 - And who are those chained to the car!" "The wise, " The great, the unforgotten, — they who wore Mitres and helms and crowns, or wreaths of light, Signs of thought's empire over thought. Their lore "Taught them not this, to know themselves ; their might Could not repress the mystery within ; And, for the morn of truth they feigned, deep night VOL. II. 2 C
Page 13 - I feared, loved, hated, suffered, did and died, And if the spark with which Heaven lit my spirit Had been with purer nutriment supplied, 'Corruption would not now thus much inherit Of what was once Rousseau,— nor this disguise Stain that which ought to have disdained to wear it; 'If I have been extinguished, yet there rise A thousand beacons from the spark I bore...
Page 11 - Or that with banded eyes could pierce the sphere Of all that is, has been or will be done; So ill was the car guided — but it past With solemn speed majestically on.
Page 18 - Love, and dare to tax it with the commission of crime ! Alas ! unheard-of blasphemy. Impious and sacrilegious that ye are, you not only feel it not, but comprehend not even what the word Love signifies. Love has no wish but for virtue — Love inspires virtue — Love is the source of actions the most magnanimous, of true felicity — Love is a fire that burns and destroys not, a mixture of pleasure and of pain a pain that brings pleasure, an essence eternal, spiritual, infinite, pure, celestial....
Page 20 - Behold a wonder worthy of the rhyme " Of him who from the lowest depths of hell, Through every paradise and through all glory, Love led serene, and who returned to tell " The words of hate and awe, — the wondrous story How all things are transfigured except Love...
Page 9 - One of the million leaves of summer's bier ; Old age and youth, manhood and infancy Mixed in one mighty torrent did appear, Some flying from the thing they feared, and some Seeking the object of another's fear...
Page 17 - ... le più vituperose, al delitto (oh ! attentato esecrando) ali' istesso delitto si da il nome di amore, si osa dire che egli lo ha cagionato. Ahi empi ! sacrileghi ! inaudita bestemmia ! voi che non potete risenterlo, non comprendete neppure ciò che la parola amore significhi. Amore vuoi di virtù, amore ispira virtù ed è la sorgente delle azioni le più magnanime, della vera felicità. Amore è un fuoco, che brucciando non distrugge, una mista di piacere e di pena, una pena che porta piacere,...
Page 17 - ... accompany, the fear inseparable from it, to a to me stupid calm, and to all the pleasures that can supply the gratification of all other passions, all the goods (if without love there can be any good) which the world prizes and covets. Ma quanto tu sei profanato, O Amore ! quali oltraggj fanno i figlj della terra al tuo nome divino!
Page 15 - Grew dense with shadows to its inmost covers -, The earth was grey with phantoms ; and the air Was peopled with dim forms, as when there hovers " A flock of vampire-bats before the glare Of the tropic sun, bringing, ere evening, Strange night upon some Indian isle.

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